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Snatch Blocks

Johnson Snatch Blocks have the convenient side opening feature. This is true even of our heavy duty top dead-end models, and makes it easy to reeve the block without removing any fitting from the end of the wire rope. Other features include choice of swivel hook, shackle, eye fittings or Tailboard Blocks which have no fittings at all.

Standard Features:-
• Rugged and reliable
• 4:1 design factor
• Easy-open side plates
• Metric rated
• Large hand nuts
• Retainer on latch pin
• Bow shackle with retainer pin
• Bronze bushing

Optional Features:-
• Proof load
• Roller bearings
• Marine epoxy paint
• Heavy duty J-latch
• Larger sizes
• Customized blocks

Wide Range

Now over 250 models and sizes, from 2 to 30 tonnes. Sheave sizes from 80 to 600 mm in diameter. Multiple rope sizes and end fittings available.


Rugged Johnson’s famous durability is well established in the industry. These blocks stand up to the toughest applications, whether in blistering sun or under icy blizzard conditions.


From built-in strength comes the reliability long associated with the Johnson name. These blocks are performers, day after day and year after year. American quality you can count on.

Many Choices

Singles, doubles, top dead end, towing, oilfield, pipe laying and general construction. Sizes and specific models for all.


Large, easy to grip hand nuts on all models, especially on the smallest models. Makes it easier to open and close under all conditions without removing gloves, and easy to tap with a hammer to loosen or lock down.

Secondary Securement

All hand nuts and shackles are fitted with ”R” pins as a secondary securement device, for example where inspection is limited or infrequent due to location or other factors.

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