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Wire Rope End Fiiting

Crosby is a high quality manufacturer of wire rope fittings and lifting gear achieving superb levels of product quality. SWR are a Crosby agent and supply the full range of Crosby products including Crosby Wire Rope End Terminations, Crosby Shackles, Crosby Swivel Hoist Rings, Crosby Plate Clamps, Crosby Eliminator Chain, Hooks, Swivels and Rigging Accessories. The majority of Crosby's products are "Heat Treated". The "Heat Treatment" allows the product to deform if overloading occurs, giving warning before ultimate failure. An "As-Forged," or non-heat treated product, will break with little or no warning. This is called a "Catastrophic Failure," and is a result of brittleness or lack of toughness in the non-heat treated product as compared to "Heat Treated" product.

Crosby Quality

Crosby® Value Added

Crosby® 450 “Red-U-Bolt” Wire Rope Clips

Crosby® 429 Fist Grip Clips

McKissick® S-421T “TERMINATOR® ” Wedge Sockets

McKissick® US-422T Utility Wedge Sockets

McKissick® S-423T “SUPER TERMINATOR®” Wedge Sockets

McKissick® SB-427 Button Spelter Sockets

Crosby® 517 Mooring Sockets

McKissick® 416 Open Spelter Sockets

McKissick® 417 Closed Spelter Sockets

S-505 Steel Swaging Sleeves

Crosby® 501 Open Swage Sockets

Crosby® 502 Closed Swage Sockets

S-409 Swage Buttons

S-506 Swage Duplex Sleeves


WIRELOCK® Socketing Resin

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